Aug 30, 2011
Anthony Elmore

Hellooo Ms. Anderson-Lee

I published this short-short story in Planet Magazine in 2000. I’m re-publishing it for the Terrible Minds Flash Fiction Challenge, Wendig have mercy on my ramshackle soul. As I read this Read On »»

Aug 6, 2011
Anthony Elmore

Congrats and Accolades:Karen McGoldrick and Alexandra Hughes

To be a writer, you’ve got to hang around do-ers. The maxim is true: you’re as good as the company you keep. One evening, Karen McGoldrick arrived at my writing Read On »»

Jul 25, 2011
Anthony Elmore

55 Fiction – A Writer’s Challenge

Don’t let words get in the way of the story. This was the first valuable piece of advice I got when I seriously started writing. At the time, I chose Read On »»

Jul 14, 2011
Anthony Elmore

Storm the Memebase, Lick Your Mouse

I’m trying to promote Farting in Church, but my readership has hit a wall. If you want to get attenttion nowadays, you’ve got to go viral. You’ve got to spread Read On »»

Jul 11, 2011
Anthony Elmore

Rapture Express Edit Complete

It’s done. And I mean done, done. Ok, maybe a couple of tweaks and bolts tightened here and there. Rapture Express, a story about Jack Mcgreggor who longs to see KISS, is Read On »»

Jul 5, 2011
Anthony Elmore

Have a Blog? Want a Free eBook?

I recently counted Farting in Church’s sales to date. The good news is that I am only $999,996.36 from my goal of being a Millionaire. Amanda Hocking, I’m catching up. Read On »»

Jul 1, 2011
Anthony Elmore

My Media Mention has Come to Pass – ChristWire

As a new writer, I live in fear and quivering anticipation of my first review. Bored and feeling especially narcissistic, I googled “Farting in Church” and saw my ebook mentioned Read On »»

Jun 24, 2011
Anthony Elmore

Blogging about bloggers or I ain’t got any new stuff

There have been a few things on my mind. So many in fact that I can’t prioritize what is most important. Like an irradiated gland growing at an explosive rate, Read On »»

Jun 21, 2011
Anthony Elmore

Talk Back to Me. Are You Reading Me

I’m not the type that tweets every breath I take or makes dramatic or cryptic Facebook posts to get attention. If I’ve got something to say, I darn well say Read On »»

Jun 17, 2011
Anthony Elmore

Oscillating Concerns – Prague Memories

Me, Frank and Mario at a Prague Pivo Fest. I needed help smiling at this point.

Sorry I’ve been a stranger. To publish Farting in Church, I had to put aside a lot of web work. Once the book was live, I began a  huge Normandy Read On »»