Jan 2, 2012
Anthony Elmore

Action Plan for 2012

I don’t do resolutions, but I don’t enter a new year aimlessly. Flush that hippie drum circle philosophy of just letting life flow. The only people that go with the Read On »»

Dec 26, 2011
Anthony Elmore

A Cubicle Carol – a Christmas Teaser for Farting in Church

Here’s a big Christmas treat from my eBook, Farting in Church. Now that the Holiday fiasco is half way over, why not treat yourself to a few laughs. Only $.99. Read On »»

Dec 24, 2011
Anthony Elmore

TerribleMinds.com Writing Challenge – Christmas in a strange place

Tis’ the season for a TerribleMinds.com Writing Challenge. “Twas the Night Before Christmas…” Caleb slept the best he could by the fire’s dying coals, but true rest evaded him. He Read On »»

Elf on the shelf is watching you, thoughtcriminal

Have a safe and non-subversive Christmas. Santa’s eyes are everywhere.

Nov 29, 2011
Anthony Elmore

Second Book Blues

Writing your first book is a buzz. Writing your second book is the buzzkill. The day I finished my first book, I stood up from my chair and bellowed like Read On »»

Nov 18, 2011
Anthony Elmore

Flash Fiction Challenge: “Frog Powder Seagull Tower Scissors”

I’m stepping up to The Wendigo’s Flash Fiction Challenge. My word of choice – seagull. —– She loved feeding baking soda dusted crackers to the seagulls at the beach, making Read On »»

Nov 5, 2011
Anthony Elmore

Terribleminds.com Challenge: Corporate Abuse

What lies below is a truncated version of a short story I wrote, depicting a real vision I had during a temp job at a bankcorp. It lasted a week, but I never knew Read On »»

Oct 30, 2011
Anthony Elmore

A Halloween Treat: Hand Delivered

Here’s a fructose sweetened, tooth decaying delight for all my readers. “Hand Delivered” is one of the stories included in my ebook Farting in Church, only $.99  for Amazon Kindle or Read On »»

Oct 26, 2011
Anthony Elmore

Hail Atlanta!

The latest book is three quarters complete. I’m now on the rope bridge over the chasm, where it’s either make it to the other side or plunge. This is always Read On »»

Oct 21, 2011
Anthony Elmore

The News From Condostan – Flash Fiction Challenge

Peccavi! (I have sinned in Latin). I missed last week’s TerribleMinds flash fiction challenge due to unscheduled car issues. Instead of spending thousands on an elderly truck that’s breathing its Read On »»