Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge: Death is on the Table

I’ve been slacking on the job. I used to do the TerribleMinds Flash Fiction Challenge every week, but the first quarter-year has been challenging so I had to re-prioritize. I’m Read On »»

Apr 13, 2012
Anthony Elmore

Second Draft of Bee Complete

Another one in the can, sort of. Around last week, I completed Bee, a short YA book about Bogart Richardson, a dyslexic boy who defies his peers, and his own Read On »»

Rapture Express 5000 Word Excerpt Available

For the ABNA quarter-finals, Amazon cusotmers have the opportunity to read and rate a 5000 word excerpt from the contestant’s book entries. If you’d like to read mine, follow this link. Read, rate Read On »»

Mar 20, 2012
Anthony Elmore

Who Made the 2012 Breakthrough Novel Award Contest?

<twothumbspointingatself>This guy!!</twothumbspointingatself> To everyone who helped out, thanks. If you didn’t place, keep writing. I’ve been picked last for kickball for most of my life, but if you work hard, Read On »»

PayPal Finally Gets It- Censorship is Bad For Business

PayPal has finally seen the light. They have revised their content policies and will instead focus on truly illegal content. This is a great victory for independent publishing and Free Read On »»

Smashwords Discover PayPal is Playing its Master Card and Opening a Visa to Censorship

I’ve suspended sale of Farting in Church at Smashwords in response to PayPal’s muscling of the online bookseller to remove books they perceive as glorifying rape, bestiality, incest and pedophilia. Read On »»

I’m not a loser!! I’m not a loser!!

On February 23, I think I hit “F5” on my laptop at least 1000 times between 8am and 11am.  I would shut my eyes, hit the refresh button, peel them Read On »»

Jan 25, 2012
Anthony Elmore

Let’s Have an Ebook Sleepover (We can even tell Ghost Stories)

2012 is prophesized to be ePublishing’s breakout year. What’s been different about this movement is that writers have become more communitarian that competitive. We no longer have to compete for Team Read On »»

Jan 23, 2012
Anthony Elmore

Savannah Sortie and God has a knee-slapper

If man plans and God laughs then if you’ve a lot of thunder during the last two weeks, then that’s just God slapping his knee. During 2011, I horded ten Read On »»

Jan 4, 2012
Anthony Elmore

Guest Post at Blood and Bullets Author James R. Tuck’s Blog

James R. Tuck, author of the upcoming Deacon Chalk: Occult Bounty-Hunter series, has invited me to post a guest blog at this site – In the Dark Night. I’ve only recently Read On »»