TerribleMinds Flash Fiction Challenge – Choose Your Motif

Justice has come to Terriblminds.com, and a Hellstorm follows at its heels. This week’s challenge was to choose a motif, a subgenre, and a setting. I’ve  always wanted to write Read On »»

Terrible Minds Flash Fiction Challenge: Photos of Impossible Places

This week’s Terrible Minds Flash Challenge was to chose a photo from this site, and then write a story inspired by it. The first one caught my eye. In American Read On »»

Terrible Minds Flash Fiction Challenge: The Wheel Part II

I pulled from the hat Locked Room Mystery, Someone’s been poisoned, A bottle of rare whiskey. The challenge has been accepted. – It starts with a body. It ends with whiskey. Read On »»

Flash Fiction Challenge: Spin the Wheel

By the Wendigo’s command. The Fates assigned me three elements: Superhero, virtual reality world, a vigilante. Yet, like delicates thrown in a dryer set to High, they came out as Read On »»

Nov 28, 2012
Anthony Elmore

New Site Coming Early Next Year

I haven’t blogged much since I’ve invested my time into book proposals and query letters. My middle grade novel, Bee, is complete and is ready to dazzle agents and publishers. I’ve written my day Read On »»

Nov 4, 2012
Anthony Elmore

So, Who Ya’ Rootin’ For?

I was raised by parents whose citizenship was brewed in post WWII patriotism. Voting isn’t just a right, but conduct a citizen must perform in a participatory democracy. My ancestors suffered for Read On »»

Terrible Minds Flash Fiction Challenge: A Game of Aspects II

Again, I must pick three random story elements. Again, I pick a subgenre I’m not familiar with or would probably ever be. As a male, I’m too busy digging the Read On »»

Flash Fiction Challenge – A Game of Aspects

I’m cowboying up and taking on this week’s Terrible Minds Flash Fiction Challenge. Using a random number chooser, I chose three words from three columns: subgenre, element to include, and Read On »»

Sep 6, 2012
Anthony Elmore

The DragonCon 2012 Report – Phlegmy, Sore Footed and Sweaty

I always try to look on the bright side of the moon. At least I only got a Con Cough, not the flu. At least my wife only broke one Read On »»

Terrible Minds Flash Fiction Challenge: Cape, Senator, Motel, Funeral

When the Wendig issues a challenge, I am man enough to accept. I chose four words from a list of eight: Cape, Senator, Motel, Funeral. — “Senator?” Senator Harris heard his Read On »»