Jun 15, 2013
Anthony Elmore

OCD Spaz at my Work’s Restroom

Will this be the piano that breaks the camel’s back and send me over the edge?   Like Punk and want to give Big Brother a shiner? Use my Department Read On »»

DHS Punk Rock Band Name Generator

Big Brother is watching you, so why not make a funny face? Internet activists have been fuming since the release of Department of Homeland Security’s list of watch words. Ever Read On »»

Apr 30, 2013
Anthony Elmore

One Year’s Journey – Going Forward Sober

Last week my wife and I celebrated a nine year journey together as a couple, eight of them under the marriage contract. I wish I had harrowing tales of misfortune Read On »»

Terribleminds Flash Fiction Challenge: Choose Your Sentence

For this week’s TerribleMinds.com Flash Fiction Challenge, we chose a random sentence. “The spurs glow,” snagged my eye. Not much time to talk, but look up St. Vitus’s Dance when Read On »»

Farting in Church is Now 100% Free

For the past few weeks I’ve been torn by malaise regarding where my writing is taking me. It’s either taking me somewhere or nowhere. Ether I turn on my low-beams or high-beams Read On »»

TerribleMinds Flash Fiction Challenge: Game of Aspects, Redux

This Terrible Minds Flash Fiction Challenge made me squeee with glee. The randomly selected setting was a Martian greenhouse, and I’m obsessed with Mars  colonization. The Martian Chronicles by Ray Read On »»

Great Writers and Bad Politics

The hardest thing to deal with is the bad behavior of those you love. Yet, you try to look past the faults, but many times they become an obstruction. Recently, Read On »»

TerribleMinds Flash Fiction Challenge: Inspiration from Inexplicable Photos

This week’s challenge – write a story based on these photos from Russia. The photo I chose reminded me of when I was young, dumb and drunk and living in Read On »»

Flash Fiction Challenge: Three Haikus Tell One Story

I have such reverence for poetry, that I’ve rarely displayed my own works. Poetry is the golden temple of  language and while Poetry Slams keep the form accessible, I won’t Read On »»