Jul 1, 2011
Anthony Elmore

My Media Mention has Come to Pass – ChristWire

As a new writer, I live in fear and quivering anticipation of my first review. Bored and feeling especially narcissistic, I googled “Farting in Church” and saw my ebook mentioned in an article by progressive-as- glaciers, conservative Christian website, Christwire (Catching the Scent of Gays and Atheists in Church).

Having flipped her bean of ire, she has accused this author of being the ringleader of a gang who “travels of one gang that infiltrates and befriends unsuspecting evangelicals and then rips praise for Satan.” While I find this to be a scandalous accusation, I am happy that FIC is getting a media mention.

Without even reading my ebook Blanche lumps me with the homosexualist agenda that is intent to defile places of worship with their “bum hums.” The last time I checked a gay’s agenda (inscribed in a Cavallini Day Planner in Pink Bonded Leather), all that was mentioned was lots of shopping, White Parties and closet organizing. No mention of catching ‘barking spiders’ in a church or synagogue.

And being accused of being an Atheist? If an a atheist did fart I’d have to prove it using the Scientific Method or diagram it a syllogism. I flunked Symbolic Logic in college because I couldn’t tell a syllogism from limerick.

With my reputation toxified by her accusation, I wrote a flaming retort in the comments section. It’s on now, Blanche. Go to their site to view it.

By the way, this site is satirical, right?


  • You would leave a flaming retort, wouldn’t you?

  • You would leave a flaming retort, wouldn’t you?

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