Feb 4, 2013
Anthony Elmore

Flash Fiction Challenge: Three Haikus Tell One Story

I have such reverence for poetry, that I’ve rarely displayed my own works. Poetry is the golden temple of ¬†language and while Poetry Slams keep the form accessible, I won’t dare step into that holy sanctum. I may burst into flames, or worse, write bad Goth poetry.

Last Friday’s Terrible Minds Flash Fiction Challenge was to write a story in three haikus, and I’m not one to turn down a challenge.


The hearth dims and cools.
Nightfall prowls in on tiptoe.
The lantern quivers.

Claws scrape on the roof.
Dust falling from the rafters.
Growls shake us awake.

Rifle shots echo and ring.
A groan, a sliding and a thud.
Mom shelves the rifle.


While you’re there, check out the Wendig’s interview with Alex Hughes, author of the excellent thriller, Clean.

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