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Terrible Minds Flash Fiction Challenge: And Action!

After a too long respite, I present my contribution to the latest Wendigo word nerd challenge — There’s nothing like it when the gods go at it. I don’t know Read On »»

Atlanta Fringe Audio is no more but Farting in Church lives on.

In case you skidded into class too late and missed my Atlanta Fringe Audio piece, now’s your chance to hear it on Soundcloud. Big thanks to Chris Alonzo and the Read On »»

Every Smile Has Little Teeth

This story is an apology to every woman who gave me a fake number, said “Let’s be friends” but didn’t really mean it. I apologize for not understanding why you’d Read On »»

May 27, 2014
Anthony Elmore

“Farting in Church” Atlanta Fringe Piece is Live!!

Hear my Atl Fringe Piece "Farting in Church"

Hear my Fringe Atlanta Audio piece “Farting in Church” either at Soundcloud or at the Fringe Audio site. Hope you enjoy it.

Mar 16, 2014
Anthony Elmore

Great Covers of U2 Songs that’ll make the snakes stay put

Americans love appropriating other cultures’ holidays into excuses to get drunk and puke like a freshman at his first kegger. St. Patrick’s Day is March 17, which is on a Read On »»

Write Club Bout in Podcast and “Hand Delivered” in Video

The podcast version of the Write Club bout where I kissed the canvas is now available. Here’s a slideshow of a Halloween story I performed for my old podcast. You’ll Read On »»

Sep 22, 2013
Anthony Elmore

Blog More

After a long hiatus from publishing, my review of Aliens 3 trailer is live. You may skip this blog and visit Scene Missing Magazine and read the other hysterical articles Read On »»

I will be competing in a WRITE CLUB ATLANTA bout – Angst vs. Calm

On Wednesday, August 14 I will be going mano y femo as I defend my theme – calm. WRITE CLUB ATLANTA is like a rap battle for lit nerds. Two Read On »»

Jun 27, 2013
Anthony Elmore

The Georgia Aquarium: Dolphin’s – Nature’s Dick Cheney

Today, my wife and I visited the Georgia Aquarium, and milked it of every fluid ounce of enjoyment. Of all the aquarium’s I’ve visited, this one made the others look Read On »»

TerribleMinds Flash Fiction Challenge: Bad Dads

My dad is a saint not for just working hard to make sure his family wanted for anything, but for tolerating a Alabamian son with no interest in football. Yet, Read On »»