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Nov 5, 2011
Anthony Elmore Challenge: Corporate Abuse

What lies below is a truncated version of a short story I wrote, depicting a real vision I had during a temp job at a bankcorp. It lasted a week, but I never knew Read On »»

Oct 30, 2011
Anthony Elmore

A Halloween Treat: Hand Delivered

Here’s a fructose sweetened, tooth decaying delight for all my readers. “Hand Delivered” is one of the stories included in my ebook Farting in Church, only $.99  for Amazon Kindle or Read On »»

Oct 26, 2011
Anthony Elmore

Hail Atlanta!

The latest book is three quarters complete. I’m now on the rope bridge over the chasm, where it’s either make it to the other side or plunge. This is always Read On »»

Oct 21, 2011
Anthony Elmore

The News From Condostan – Flash Fiction Challenge

Peccavi! (I have sinned in Latin). I missed last week’s TerribleMinds flash fiction challenge due to unscheduled car issues. Instead of spending thousands on an elderly truck that’s breathing its Read On »»

Oct 7, 2011
Anthony Elmore

Flash Fiction Challenge: Have a Monster for Breakfast Today

The Wendig has commissioned me to create an abomination, a sty in the creators eye, a monster. Below is the result. The Keeper showed his badge to the Police Sargent Read On »»

Oct 5, 2011
Anthony Elmore

Nostalgia is the Braincrack

I have one complete novel, and by this time my excitement has devolved into nostalgia. Nostalgia is just another brand of brain crack. It’s sweet, comforting but it wears off Read On »»

Sep 30, 2011
Anthony Elmore

Terrible Minds Worldbuilding Challenge: Blackbloom

As so ordered by Our Lord’s Regent On Earth, Chuck Wendig, I submit my contribution to the  worldbuilding challenge. If you’re a writer, I encourage you to participate in the TerribleMinds weekly Read On »»

Sep 23, 2011
Anthony Elmore

Speaking of Sentences

I’ll get to Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge, but first I want to discuss the inspiration of short-short story. If you want to skip the editorial, scroll to the bottom. However, Read On »»

Sep 20, 2011
Anthony Elmore

Writing and Breathing

Breathing and writing. Suddenly both have become crucial to my health and sanity. Why does addressing a query letter always feel like I’m asking a girl to dance, knowing that Read On »»

Sep 16, 2011
Anthony Elmore

Flash Fiction Challenge – Enzyme, Lollypop and Blister

Submitted for the Terrible Minds Flash Fiction Challenge. The challenge was to choose three words and use them in a story. I chose enzyme, lollipop and blister.   “Enzyme Lollypop?” the clerk said. The Read On »»