Nov 28, 2012
Anthony Elmore

New Site Coming Early Next Year

I haven’t blogged much since I’ve invested my time into book proposals and query letters. My middle grade novel, Bee, is complete and is ready to dazzle agents and publishers. I’ve written my day job resignation letter and have hired a mariachi band to sing “Vaya con Dios” as I leave Dilbert’s cubicle for good.

Hope is a strong drink that should be sipped, not shot.

Aside from writing, I’m building a new writer’s website, During my last project, looking up a word’s definition or finding more active words was frustrating. I did a “find” replace on a recent story and found twenty instances of “walked” on one page. Either my characters spend a lot of time plodding around my imaginary word, or I needed a language upgrade. So, I started bookmarking links to thesauruses or language resources so I can refer to them later.

Eventually, I had a nice collection of bookmarks and thought about sharing them. The site,, will be a site I’d like to see out in the Intertubes. Rather than being a tutorial site, it will be a link resource for new and professional writers where they can quickly find “nuts and bolts” information on word usage, character development, plotting and other helpful tools. In his must read book, On Writing, Steven King used an analogy for his uncle’s toolbox for a writers own personal toolset, grammar, setting, action, etc.  Hopefully,, can help writers use theirs.

At this point, I’m still trying out WordPress plugins and designing a theme. I hope to launch the site by late January. If you have suggestions for writer’s links, you’re welcome to send them via the web form on my contact page. While there may be a commercial aspect to the site once I’m confident it provides value and has a large audience, I’m not open to advertising right now. I’d like to keep it to blog posts and articles at this time.

I will let everyone know once has launched.

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